End of Winter, Isle of Harris

Life is fast, complicated – and short. So it is a good idea to focus on a few things. The search for silence is one of them. The discovering of places I’m not familiar with is another. Both are connected to each other: At the end of winter, I spent a few days on the Scottish Isle of Harris, a place I did not know before. Sandy beaches with deep blue waters like the ones in the Caribbean. In the background are mountains towering up to three thousand feet high. I stayed on top of one of them one morning, watching down to the mile- long beach on the west coast. The sun was visible through the falling snow that was whirled around by fierce gusts of the wind. Because of the windchill, the Celsius thermometer fell far below zero. I listened to nature, watched the fast moving clouds, the rain a few miles away in the east, moved towards my direction by the strong wind. Minutes later, I felt the golden rays of the sun on my face for a short time – the weather changed faster as I wrote down these sentences. It was a good idea on that morning to start the tour up to Tirga Mor although it was raining hard. As soon as I am out somewhere with my backpack, I somewhat feel different. Everything seems slow. My brain went offline during these hours, focused on the route up to the top and back safely. Such a time reduces the daily online stuff to a waste of time – and to be honest, I forgot everything except the here and now.

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